Friday , May 29 2020

About Us

Link chemist is a chemistry blog which is maintained by a team of experienced and dedicated chemistry lecturers who are well qualified and have a higher degree in chemistry. Everything here on link chemist available for free online to millions of students across the world.

Knowing how difficult many students find it to understand chemistry concepts and principles easily, our presence here in link chemist as we teach each course deeply simplify and explain each

concept to the very basic level to a higher level that a student is able to understand easily.

This website offers chemistry courses and mainly syllabuses at secondary and university levels. Students can perform tutorials related to chemistry and a free lesson on this website.

The owners and contributors of this web site can still build it up by adding new learning materials to that and create it one in every of the richest websites

for chemistry courses and learning materials,  therefore we have a tendency to invite you and want you to come back here again and again.

Please note that the content on the web site isn’t meant to be a substitute for the skilled recommendation.

Always get the recommendation of your teacher or content professional (human or print material) with any queries that you just might have.

We will use third-party advertisements on the website from that we might earn a financial gain.

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