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Oil And Gas Industry
Oil And Gas Industry

Oil And Gas Industry – Oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates

In 1938 Arab oil was first discovered by the Americans. Now they are the richest economy in the oil industry all over the world.

Oil And Gas Industry 

Oil Reservation in the Arab Emirates

The evidenced oil reserves in Arab are the 2nd largest within the world, calculable to be 268 billion barrels (43×109 m3) (Gbbl hereafter), as well as a pair of.5 Gbbl within the Saudi–Kuwaiti neutral zone. they’re preponderantly found within the Japanese Province. These reserves were the biggest within the world till the Republic of Venezuela proclaimed that they had increased their evidenced reserves to 297 Gbbl in Jan 2011. The Saudi reserves are concerning simple fraction of the world’s total standard oil reserves, massive|an outsized an oversized fraction of those reserves come from a tiny low range of terribly large oil fields, and past-production amounts to four-hundredth of the declared reserves.
Dubai has  4 billion (nearly) barrels of oil in reserve.
In 2000, the America geologic Survey calculable that remaining undiscovered oil reserves in Saudi Arabia had a probability-weighted average of ninety Gbbl.
Here according to linkchemist authors and data researchers you will find some details information of the Top Oil and Gas Industries in the Arab Emirates.
Oil And Gas Industry - Oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates
Oil And Gas Industry – Oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates

ENOC(Emirates National Oil Company:

ENOC  (Emirates National Oil Company) was established in 1993. This company is owned by the Government of Dubai. ENOC is a multi-national oil and gas group. It is operated in Dubai and Northern Emirates in UAE.
ENOC announced to build more than 50 service stations by 2020.
Key Points of  ENOC:
Established: 1993
Owner: Arab Government
CEO: Saif Humaid Al Falasi
ENOC Aviation: Covers 143 airports across 23 countries. Supplying over 3 million USGs of jet fuel daily.

RAF Oil:

RAF Oil was established in 2013. It’s an independent lubricants manufacturing company based in the United Arab Emirates. RAF OIL serves in the Middle East to Africa, Ras Al Khaimah serving South East Asia. Ras Al Khaimah, situated in the most part of the northern Emirate. RAF Oil is one of the leading oil company in Emirates.
Key Points of  RAF Oil Industry:
Established: 2013
Products: Automobile Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Marine Lubricants, Brake Fluid, Grease, Base Oils and various Engine Oils.

Midas Oil Industries FZC:

Midas Oil Industries FZC is one of the most famous and faster-growing companies in Dubai. Midas Oil Industry is associated with world class products which are contributing to the :
1) Landscaping
2) Infrastructure, 
3) Environmental and 
4) Agricultural sector in the Middle East regions.
Midas Oil industry develops, produces and distributes top quality building materials for customers all over the world.
Oil movement and storage capacity is about 60000 CBM.
Key Points of  Midas Oil Industries:
Established: 2006
ISO certified: yes.
Products: Lubricants, Grease, CALTEX, ENOC, National, Mogas, BP, and Castrol.

Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies and Services Co.

Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies is one of the first established oil and gas suppliers in the U.A.E. The company’s headquarter is in Dubai but it serves the UAE, the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean.

Key Points of Al Masaood Oil Industries:

Established: 1971
Workforce: over 850 peoples.
Owner: Al Masaood Group.
Products: Petroleum, Drilling, Production Chemicals, Drilling Fluids, Gas Odorants, Ethyl Mercaptan etc.

Kapco Petroleum Industries FZC

KAPCO Petroleum Industries is an established industrial and trading company in the U.A.E. KAPCO manufactures petroleum based oils. KAPCO has 400 TPD distillation facility. It can process Super Kerosene Oil and Crude Mix.
The machinery and equipment in the distillation plants are designed in a way as to produce different level of products. The best suitable raw material such as Super Kerosene Oil.
It is consists of four distillation units. It can produce hydrocarbon solvent and hydrocarbon distillate.
key Points of Kapco Petroleum Industries:

Established:  (registered) in March 2013.
ISO Certified: Yes
Products: White Spirit, Ink/ Rolling Oil, Cutter Stock, Gas Oil, Automotive Lubricants, Marine Lubricants, Bitumen, Diesel, Jet Fuels, Fuel Oil, etc.

Dana Gas

Dana Gas is that the Middle East’s 1st and largest regional non-public sector gas company. it was established in Dec 2005 with a public listing on the national capital Securities Exchange  
(ADX). Dana Gas has exploration and production assets in Egypt, Kurdistan Region of Al-Iraq (KRI) and UAE, with a median production output of sixty-seven, 600 boepd in 2017.

Key Points of Dana Gas:

Established:  December 2005.
Workforce: employed around 1,170 peoples.
Owner: Non-Government.
Net Income: 528 million
Total equity: 1.7 billion
Parent: Crescent Petroleum

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