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10 Cool experiments you can do at home

10 Cool experiments you can do at home

We can agree on this statement that science is Awesome. We need not go for learning this awesome science to school for many years. We can learn and do a lot of awesome experiments in our home safely. We just need some materials which are lying in our house or around us.

Here are some easy ways to make 10 cool experiments that you can do at home:

10 Cool experiments you can do at home
10 Cool experiments you can do at home

★ Tornado into a bottle

We can easily make our own Tornado into a bottle.

We just need –

*Two bottles and

* some water

The way of the experiment –

At first, we need to rotate the liquid fast from the top of the bottle then it will make a vortex as it flows out into the bottom bottle. When water flows down then the air must flow up then the spiral tornado creates. We can also colour our tornado by mixing colour, food tint, glitter into it. And that will make the tornado very cool.

★ Making Rainbow into a glass

The things we need –

*liquid (water can be used)



*7 different colours

The way of making rainbow into a glass-

It is a game of Density. To make a rainbow into a glass we just need to dense our liquid. For this, we can add sugar into the liquid. The more we will add sugar the liquid will be denser. We have to make different densities in a different glass. Then we have to add colours in those solutions.  At last, we have to pour all solution in one glass.  The heavier solution will stay at the bottom Of the glass and the lighter one will stay at the top of the glass. In this way, we can make a beautiful rainbow in galas.

★ Baking Soda Volcano

Things we need –

*Baking soda


*plastic bottle

The way of making Baking soda Volcano –

At first, we have to mix baking soda and vinegar. After mixing them their reaction will create lava that will be busting out and will look like a volcano. This happens because of the reaction which produces carbon dioxide gas. This carbon dioxide builds up pressure inside the bottle and makes a volcano which still until the gas erupts.

★ Pasta Rocket

Things we need –


*Hydrogen peroxide



*A piece uncooked pasta

The way to make Pasta Rocket –

Yeah, It’s true, we can make a hybrid rocket engine of pasta very easily in the home. At first, we have to mix yeast and hydrogen peroxide. Then they will produce pure Oxygen gas. Then we have to fire the pasta when the gas reached to it. Then we will be able to see the pasta rocket.

★ Lava Lamp

Things we need –



*food colour

*Alka-seltzer tablet


The way of making lava lamp-

At first, we have to mix oil and water together because of their different densities and polarities helps water to sink into the bottom. and Food colour also sinks down to the bottom. Then we have to take a piece of crumble Alka-seltzer with water. Because it reacts to the water. Then coloured droplets will help to go water to the top. Then they will pop and release air, and also go sink back to the base. Then we will see similar things what we see in a lava lamp. It will look like that.

 ★ Gooey Slime

Things we need –



*food colour



The way to make gooey slime –

At first, we have to mix the glue, water and a little bit of food colour together. The glue has polyvinyl acetate in it which is a liquid polymer. After mixing them we have to mix some borax with them. This borax will links all molecules together. Then the gooey slime will be made out. That’s the process of making gooey slime simply in the home.

 ★ Ferromagnetic Fluid

This experiment shows us magnetic actions.

Things we need –


*Iron oxide

*some water


The way of making ferromagnetic fluid –

At first, we have to keep the water and Iron into the jar then we have to set the magnet outside of the jar. Then the iron will feel attraction for the magnet. While we will round the magnet outside of the jar then the iron also round with it.

★ Chemical Fire

Things we need –



*potassium permanganate manganese crystals

The way of making chemical fire-

At first, we have to take manganese crystal and then have to make a hollow with this. Then we have to pour a little bit of glycerin into them. Then we will see the chemical fire. If still, we Don’t see the fire then we have to mix one or two drops of water into that and then the fire we will see.

★ Destructive Vinegar

Things we need –




The way of making destructive vinegar –

At first, we have to keep an eggshell into a glass. Then we have to full the hall glass with vinegar then have to keep that for 12 hours. Then we will be able to see that that eggshell dissolves in the vinegar. This happens because vinegar is an acidic substance, it has the power to break several substances like lime and the eggshell is contaminated with lime. That’s why the vinegar can able to dissolve the eggshell.

★ Releasing Gas

The things we need –


*kitchen salt




The way to release gas –

At first, we have to fill the one-third of a glass with water, we have to add one teaspoon of salt and a little vinegar into the glass. Then we have to light a match and drop it into the glass. Then the match will put out. This happens because of carbon dioxide which helps to put out the fire.

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