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Biochemistry careers and its importance

Biochemistry careers and its importance


Definition of Biochemistry 


Biochemistry is a Department of science which searches the chemical processes & relates with the living organisms. This part is fully based on laboratory which works with both Biology &Chemistry. By using the chemical knowledge & methods biochemist can make an easy way to find the solution of biological problems. 




Cell stained blue 


Biochemistry focuses on the process which observes actually what happen at the molecular stage. It observes what happens into our cell, studying components are like proteins, lipids, and organelles. It also sees how cells work & communicate with other cells, for example, the time of growth or fighting illness. Biochemists have to understand the structure of molecules which relates with its fountain, allowing them it forecast about molecules will interlude. 


Biochemistry maintains a range of scientific discipline along with genetics, microbiology, forensics, plant and about medicine. Because of it’s spread, it has become a very familiar part of the science. 


Importance of Biochemistry
Biochemistry and its importance




Work of Biochemistry 

  • It works about new method and experiments to understand in which way life works.
  • Assists to understand about our health and disease.
  • Contributes to making innovative information for the technology revolution.
  • Work about alongside chemist, physicist, healthcare professional, policy makers, engineers, and many more professions.


Biochemistry works in a lot of sectors such as








*Food sectors


*Educational institutions




*Forensic crime sectors


*Drug discovery and development


A biochemist has a lot of sifting ability such as :








* Problem-solving











Outlooks about Biochemistry 


Biochemistry is growing up day by day. We can find the contribution of it in many sectors we have discussed above.




Importance of Biochemistry in MEDICINE 


Biochemistry is a very important subject in medicine. Without it, we can not be able to do any progress in medicine. No advancement will be held without biochemistry. 


Physiology: Biochemistry helps us to know & understand the biochemical & physiological changes in our body. Diagnostic of any disease is also can study through biochemical changes.
Pathology: Basis on the symptoms which is described by the patient, the physician gets the clue about biological changes and about its connected disorder. For instance, if a patient tells about the hardness of in small joints, then the physician may prophesy as it to be out and can get sure by evaluating uric acid levels in the blood. When uric acid heaps up in blood then it causes gout.
Lack of Nutrition: At this present era, a lot of people depends on taking multivitamin & minerals for good health. Biochemistry described the function & the role of the vitamins which stayed in the body.
Lack of Hormone: Especially women and children suffer from many hormonal disorders. We can learn about hormonal activities with the help of biochemistry. A physician can understand the problem & they can treat that problem & give solution by the help of biochemistry.

Importance of biochemistry in NURSING 


The importance of clinical biochemistry in nursing is many. When a patient admitted in a hospital then nurse has to keep eyes on them & their condition by which process they are going through clinical biochemistry. Approximately all diseases have some biochemical involvement.  So the solution of any clinical stage is easily possible by biochemical hypothesis. 




Kidney function test: Many of kidney disorders,  chemotherapy treatment etc. Urine test helps to know about the extent of purgation of drugs or another metabolism,  the changes in pH level, the color of urine,  etc.
Blood test: In diabetes,  Biochemical analytical test is taken for glucose level in blood makes us understand to know about the severity of diabetes disorder. The presence of ketone bodies or ketone urea is almost the last stage of diabetics.
Liver function test: It helps us to understand the kinds of disease or damage into the liver,  the effect of cure on the liver.
Serum cholesterol test: Amends of blood cholesterol level and other lipoproteins helps us to understand the devotion of the patient to cardiovascular diseases.  In this way, clinical biochemistry helps a nurse to monitor the condition of a patient regularly during his treatment.
Importance of biochemistry in AGRICULTURE.


Biochemistry also plays an important role in agriculture.  It helps in farming, fishery, poultry,  sericulture,  beekeeping etc.




Prevent disease: Biochemistry helps for preventing disease, treatment of disease, and also helps to increases the production.
Growth enhancement: Biochemistry gives us many ideas about how to use fertilizers & then we can increase the plant’s growth, their yield, their food quality etc.
Enhance Yield:  Some hormones help to promote growth, while others help to increases flowering,  some helps to encourage form formation etc also helps in fisheries. The substance which promotes the fish’s growth & their production is also by the help of biochemistry.
Adulteration:  when the food materials produce than their adulteration for example in honey also can be founded by biochemical tests.


At last, we can say that this biochemistry has made a great impact on our lives. It helps us in every sphere of our life.


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